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About Us

The gloveswears is branding name, we are trading and exporting under group of companies. The gloveswears sports division and we are manufacture following sports goods as like balance the quality of rubizzle international.

Soccer balls, ruby balls, base ball, American football, sala ball, indoor ball, outdoor ball, soccer special uniform, judo uniform, karata uniform, all kinds uniforms design own pattern and customer designs.

Soccer gloves, protection gloves special division balance the qualities and we are increase the gloves wears more categories.

Before gloveswears division supplying local market target and local supplier provide exports quality, we are expanding our business on international export trading.

We are trading and manufacture some sport equipments from our vendors who balance the 100% qualities balance. Our material always handles the quality department professional people and stock management wearhouse.

The rubizzle international always treat our customers like a part of company and care to customer right approach requirements.

Our returning policy of products, sales department control, the latest update you can get any time.

Our customers and visitors can get update details from our technology department to provide latest documents of products and supplies. Our sales department special unit design and maintain for our customer international dealings

We are also giving offers to our customers samples products on terms and condition apply, the samples order to control subject : SAMPLE ORDER / 147820 ( copy and paste in subject )

If you have any question and feedback to us